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“Dr Webber? I’m the closest thing he has to a daughter.”

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9:30 am

I’m in school, a ticked off. I wasn’t able to Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal last night! So upsetting, I had a mandatory dance concert. Boo like Tamar Braxton would say. Lol From reading all tumblr post about the episodes is making me like more mad that missed two really good episodes of my favorite shows in the whole wide world! Its only 9:30, my day has just begun. Probably take my frustration from missing the episodes and the annoying people by tumbling!!!! 😊😊✌✌✌

Thank God for creating man, than for man for creating TUMBLR!!!


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worked with chandra wilson today. she’s a saint.

Playing Foosball in the Abc House (X).

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