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Only Meredith knows her name.

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nayanarivera asked: sofia or zola?

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top fifteen grey’s anatomy ships
8. Derek Shepherd & Mark Sloan
“Derek and I? We go way back, we grew up together, went to med school together. He’s kinda like my better half, not the better looking half mind you.”

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“Isn’t that our baby.”


Cutest family ever.

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i <3 love this

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My Night

My kind of sucks, just because i was waiting for a greys anatomy episode and non aired today. I WAS SO PISSED!!!! I did not know what to with myself. My friends that i was video chatting with did understand why i was getting worked up about this. First of all  i was having a crappy day, so i said to myself good thing greys anatomy is coming back on. Came home from musical practice around 7ish, sitting waiting for the time to come. I think those were the longest 1 hr and half to 2 hours in my life. Okay its 8:58. I’m waiting, IT DIDN’T COME ON. Than i thought to myself why isn’t greys anatomy on. “BING” Its not coming back until the following week. This shit just made me mad even more. UGHHHH

P.S. I miss Patrick Dempsey, Ellen, and Zola…. Wahhhhhhh  

Really Greys Anatomy problems right here……..